Powered by the Australian Climate.

Absolutely Environmental’s solar hybrid air conditioners are trusted by families all over Queensland.

Expertly engineered, and perfect for the Queensland weather, our air conditioners, pool pumps and heat pumps harness solar energy, providing you hours of free power to cool or heat your house or pool, heat your hot water or run your pool pump.

Designed with efficiency and efficacy in mind, our range of solar-powered air units and pumps slash negative environmental impacts as well as energy costs.

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Did You Know

Our Solar Air Conditioners are a high quality, technically advanced solution for power hungry air conditioners.

Our Solar Air Conditioners use dedicated photovoltaic solar panels to power the units, since they are fully DC, they can accept direct raw variable DC power from the panels even when there is no grid power! That’s right if you disconnect the grid power, they will work during daylight hours on their own, no need to spend huge dollars on batteries, inverters, charge controllers etc….
Actually, they have an auto start function turning them on when there is enough power in the morning and then turn themselves off in the afternoon once there is insufficient sunlight.

Most of our off grid customers use Hybrids as they can use the air con all day to keep cool or warm and if they need it at night they can flick a switch and use their existing power system to run it at night. This way they are guaranteed to not deplete their batteries from the air con while it runs during the day. The amount of night operation will depend on the size of their existing power system. Alternatively, simply keep the power connected so that it always prioritises the solar panel power first and adds what it needs if the solar power is insufficient.

Featured Benefits

100% Eco

Up to 100% Savings
during the day time

Grid AC Power

Limit AC power from

Wide Operating

Temperature Range
between -10°C to +58°C


No Inverter, battery, or Charge controller

Auto Balance

AC/DC auto balance

Max Efficiency


Full WiFi Operation

Set timers, view Live AC and DC Power Consumption and History

Runs independently
off the grid

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