Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners

About Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners

Elevate your living space and enjoy eco-friendly cooling comfort from the only suppliers of air conditioners run solely from solar power. Our quality air conditioners use dedicated photovoltaic solar panels to harness the sun’s natural energy so you can forget about grid power, batteries and electricity.

Designed for superior function, sustainability, convenience and cost-effectiveness, our hybrid solar air conditioners have your lifestyle in mind. The eco-friendly nature of our air conditioners means lower energy consumption resulting in huge savings and you have the power to choose when you want the unit to run partially or up to 100% by it’s solar panels to achieve maximum efficiency.

We’re dedicated to delivering quality sustainable products with the Australian climate and standard in mind. Expect high quality, high reliability and high cost performance.

  • 100% off grid
  • Eco-friendly and economical
  • Wide operating temperature range (-10°C to 58°C)
  • AC Power Limiter
  • Anti-Corrosion technology
  • Wifi Control

Solar ACDC Split Hybrid Air Conditioner

Solar ACDC hybrid solar air conditioners require no batteries to deliver huge savings. During the day, when air conditioning is needed the most, you can operate this unit partly or up to 100% by it’s independent solar panels to achieve maximum efficiency. At night, you can continue to save due to its high efficiency and special AC limiting option.

The WIFI functionality allows full control, daily and weekly timers, complete visibility with AC and DC consumption and the history of all power consumption.

Solar ACDC Ducted Hybrid Air Conditioner

Solar ACDC ducted hybrid requires no solar grid connection for installation and no utility company authority is required either. It can operate independently off the AC Grid turning itself on when there is sufficient solar power and off when there is no longer enough power from the sun.

The Light Commercial Concealed Duct type is a one of a kind purpose built DC Hybrid solar air conditioner built from the ground up 100% DC requiring no electronic inverter, battery or charge controller needed.

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