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Absolutely Environmental Reviews

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What Our Clients Say:

Steve and Renae
Gippsland Victoria


“We love that we can have an energy efficient air con off grid! It just makes it simple for comfortable living. Thank you so much Rob.”




“Thanks Rob, extremely happy with our new Solar ACDC air con. Works a treat smile“



“Thanks Solar AC DC, this is exactly what we were looking for. It has surpassed our expectations and works flawlessly. It’s so convenient to just leave it on without having to turn it on and off all the time to reduce costs, it just does it by itself! Thank you so much.“

Alan QLD



“Absolutely thrilled with the way this air con works just from the panels, I am retired and having an air con that costs me nothing is perfect, I don’t have to worry about the power bills while I stay comfortable.”

Jayne and Mick Musil NSW



“Just letting you know that the solar air con you supplied works great! Happy Solar AC DC owners.”

Jayne and Mick Musil NSW



“I have had the 5kw unit for about 10 months. I am impressed on the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit. I have been highly recommending it to everyone. P.S. If the sun is shining it’s free.”

Chris and Robert VIC



“Thank you for this amazing product, it literally costs us nothing to run, it’s so quiet and keeps the house warm in winter and cool all Summer without me having to turn it on or off, it just does it’s own thing. We don’t know how we manage before. Thank you”

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