About Absolutely Environmental

Absolutely Environmental is engaged in the R&D and the production of solar air conditioners and solar energy efficient products.

Absolutely Environmental concentrates primarily on Australia and the Pacific Islands

Absolutely Environmental have been supplying the highest quality Solar Air Conditioners to the Australian market for years and constantly strive to improve the conversion efficiency of products, continuously enhance the R&D of new technologies and wholeheartedly provide solar PV products with high quality, high reliability and high cost performance for our customers. Our newest range are absolutely state of the art and allow complete separation from grid or batteries and allow a controlled AC top up if requested.

Customer service is also our priority so please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs and we would be please to provide advice.

We are an Energy Solution Provider, supplying:

AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners
100% Off Grid Air Conditioners
Solar Heat Pump Pool Heaters
Solar panels and Solar Battery Systems

Our vision is to protect the environment by manufacturing and designing products that utilize solar energy and to give all countries of the world a sustainable quality of life.

Introducing a range of innovative solar energy saving products that are cost effective, clean and green.

We design what you need – we don’t copy!

Solar Air Conditioning
Direct Solar Powered Products
Just Common Sense!!
Solar AC DC Australia

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