15kW with solar system


The 15kW Solar system is a fairly big generation unit, heavily suited towards commercial establishments; It can be suitable for residential clients as well provided you have have roof space and consistently high power usage patterns. The 15kW solar system would be generating an average of 60kWh of power daily. A 15kW Solar system is usually paired with 40 to 50 Solar panels (depending on the wattage of the Solar panels offered; you only need 40 of the 370w Solar panels to get 15kW) and either a 10kW or 15kW inverter. The entire packaged would included 40 to 50 CEC Approved Solar panels; a 1okW or 15kW CEC Approved Inverter, Roof mounting and Electrical Kit approved for use in Australia.

To decide if this is the right system size for you; we firstly need to find out what your average daily consumption of electricity is. This information is readily available on your latest quarterly power bill.  If your average daily consumption falls between 50 to 70kWh (see below 15KW SYSTEM OUTPUT IN MAJOR CITIES Table); the 15kW system would be a good fit. As in the 15kW Solar system would on average generate a similar amount of energy respective to what you are using daily and also allow you to comfortably increase your daily consumption if needed.

To ensure you are able to maximise the return from the Solar system it is recommended that you audit your current electricity usage habits. Once you have identified activities that consume a significant amount of power (such as washing machine, dishwasher, dryer etc) action a plan that will ensure these appliances and activities are only being conducted when the sun is out. (Note: try not to have heavy appliances all running at the same time; spread out the timing to ensure the Solar system is able to meet your power needs)